I’m Christopher Lovell, a doctoral student in Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Sussex.


My research focus is on the formation and evolution of galaxies, particularly in the first billion years after the big bang. I employ cosmological numerical simulations, as well as machine learning techniques, and am particularly interested in the interface between the two.


Additional to this blog I also write for Astrobites, where postgraduates in Astronomy and Astrophysics write about the latest research papers in a more accessible format for undergraduates or the public in general. You can read my posts here.


The source code for this site, as well as all of my other public projects, can be found on GitHub. When I remember to update it you can read my posts on Medium.

I’m active on Stack Exchange, mostly in the Astronomy and Stack Overflow sites; the flair below links to my profile. I record my reading habits on Goodreads.

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This site is built on GitHub pages using Jekyll; you can find details on how to recreate it using Cloud9 here. The design is based on Centrarium, a template by Ben Centra.